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LED Light Box

An LED Lightbox is a high-impact illuminated LED display designed to transform ordinary spaces into engaging exhibition stands. Suitable for a wide range of marketing and promotional events such as trade shows, exhibitions and events. When compared to non-illuminated signage, the unique advantages of LED lightboxes become clear. An LED Light Box shines a light on your brand leaving a lasting impression and ensuring that you stand out in a sea of competition.

Combining clever branding with the powerful backlit illumination of an LED Lightbox enables you to create eye-catching graphics, particularly effective in dimly lit environments. LED Lightboxes are perfect for exhibition stands, trade show booths, conference banners, promotional and marketing events, and any setting where you require an illuminated backdrop to showcase your marketing message or promotions.

LED Lightboxes are illuminated from within thanks to the integrated powerful LED lighting system and simple plug-and-play operation. Designed to light up your printed image with an evenly diffused, double-sided illumination. The SEG fabric lightbox graphics are easy to install and update, providing you with a long-lasting display stand and a great return on your investment.

Aside from quality and innovation, our LED Light Box range is simple and easy to use, portable and modular. Designed for quick assembly and disassembly, which can be completed by anyone without the need for expensive contractors. The clever and convenient number-coded frame pieces click together without tools. There is nothing complicated about the setup. Link multiple freestanding lightboxes together using smart connectors to create a larger LED display ideal for events. The modular design allows you to self-build custom exhibition stands of any shape or size and just as easily dismantle and transport them home.

We are specialists in manufacturing LED Lightboxes and have extensive knowledge of custom dye-sublimation fabric lightbox printing. All printing, sewing, and manufacturer finishing is done in-house, at our production facility. The full-colour dye-sublimation printing produces artwork colours that are bold, saturated and vibrant with super high-resolution detail that is permanent.

Purchase replacement tension fabric graphics and effortlessly update your marketing message while using existing hardware. We offer double-sided light box graphics at no added cost. Our single-sided LED Light Box features a plain blackout reverse graphic, preventing light leakage from the rear of the display, making them an excellent choice for shell scheme exhibition stands.

For more information on our LED Lightbox range please contact us or call our team on 01733 971800.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size is an LED Light Box?

Our LED Lightbox range includes many different sizes including 2m (H), 2.25m (H), and a huge 3m (H) LED Light Box. The 2m (H) x 1m, 2m, and 3m (W) light boxes are perfect for shell scheme exhibition stands, retail stores or anywhere that might have a height restriction in place. Our 2.25m (H) light boxes are available in 850mm, 1m, 2m and 3m (W). They are great for enhancing shell scheme spaces or space-only exhibition stands. Lightboxes transform ordinary spaces into stunning focal points, making them ideal for promotional and marketing events.

Yes, you can link a freestanding lightbox. Our range of FABRILUX® Lightboxes can be linked in a straight line, at 90 degrees, and a 45-degree angle. Using a combination of linking connectors, why stop there? You can also link FABRILUX® Lightboxes of different heights to create a multi-dimensional display stand for extra impact.

PIZAZZ® Lightboxes benefit from internal magnets that are integrated with the aluminum frame. These extra-strong magnets 'snap on' to the next frame once two PIZAZZ® Lightboxes are aligned. Create stunning LED Lightbox back walls by joining multiple LED banners.

Yes, assembling an LED Lightbox is easy and can be done without any tools. Designed with ease of use in mind, assembly and disassembly are simple and quick. To install your LED Lightbox, match the number-coded frame sections and click them together until the TFS frame is fully assembled. Insert the connecting power cables. Add your light box graphics by inserting the SEG graphics into the frame channels. Finally, plug in the power cable and switch it on to illuminate your branding.

An LED Lightbox demonstrates high energy efficiency, consuming approximately 85% less electricity than incandescent light displays and potentially up to 60% less energy than fluorescent lighting in backlit operations. This eco-friendly characteristic makes LED lighting a popular choice for various applications. LED Lightboxes are widely used in retail shop displays, offices, homes, and exhibition halls due to their energy-efficient nature. Our LED Lightbox range comes with a standard UK 3-pin plug, allowing for seamless operation from conventional 13amp sockets.

Changing graphics on an LED Light Box is simple. The SEG (silicone edge gasket) on the fabric lightbox graphic fits into the channeling of the TFS (tension fabric system) frame on all four edges. Once inserted, the tension in the fabric creates a taut fabric panel stretched across the front (and reverse) of the LED Lightbox. A small tab is sewn into the bottom of the fabric panel, making the removal of the graphic just as easy.

Replacement Light Box Graphics are available for purchase, providing you with the flexibility to showcase different designs and promotions using the same lightbox frame. Your LED Light Box will never be out of date.

Yes, we can design your LED Lightbox for you. You can add our graphic design service to your order during the checkout process online and take the stress out of designing your own artwork. One of our designers will collaborate with you to create your LED Light Box artwork. After completing your order, you will be contacted by an assigned designer who will call you to discuss your design preferences. We will create your artwork and send you a visual proof for your approval. We never send anything to print without your approval.

Our FABRILUX®, PIZAZZ® and SKYBRIDGE® LED Lightboxes are supplied with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, please let us know and we will work with you to fix the problem.

We are proud of our LED Lightbox range and service and we would love to prove it! If you need any information regarding our range, please contact us or call 01733 971800.

Please check the individual product pages for delivery times. We hold stock of all our LED Lightboxes and custom print the graphics in-house, enabling us to keep lead times short for our customers. If you have a tight deadline and need an LED Lightbox faster than our standard lead time listed on the website, please call our team at 01733 971800. We will be able to assist you and expedite your order through manufacturing.

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