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LED Lightbox Displays

What Are LED Lightboxes?

LED lightboxes are innovative backlit fabric displays equipped with built-in LED lights, which create a captivating illumination effect within your printed graphics. These custom-printed silicone edge graphics, often referred to as SEG, seamlessly fit into the lightbox channels, resulting in a taut fabric display with a flawless appearance.

Our lightboxes use energy-efficient LED bulbs, which consume minimal power while offering an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

In venues like events and exhibitions, where lighting can be inadequate, especially within shell scheme booths, LED lightboxes have gained popularity. They effectively illuminate your branding, helping your business stand out amongst competitors.

Primarily employed at corporate events like trade shows, expos, conferences, and networking gatherings, LED lightboxes exhibit remarkable versatility. They also excel in retail and point-of-sale settings such as shops, showrooms, and window displays.

Comprising easily assembled frames and silicone edge graphics (SEG), LED lightboxes are portable displays that can be conveniently rebranded. This adaptability makes them a preferred choice for brands across various industries.

These lightboxes have gained favour among exhibitors and go by various names in the market, including:

  • LED Pop Up
  • Backlit Exhibition Stands
  • Tension Fabric Light Box
  • LED Exhibition Stands
  • Illuminated Fabric Display
  • LED Banner

Choose an LED lightbox to illuminate your message and leave a lasting impression at your events and retail spaces in 2024!

What Can LED Light Boxes Be Used For?



Trade Shows

Product Launches

Marketing & Promotions

Retail & Shops

POS & Window Displays

Awards & Presentations

LED Lightbox Size Guide

LED Lightbox Size Guide


Our Lightbox Exhibition Stands are designed to be both portable and modular, making them incredibly user-friendly. These carefully chosen LED exhibition stands serve as a perfect illuminated canvas for showcasing your brand, ensuring that you shine brightly amongst a crowded field of competitors.


Our free-standing Display Lightboxes offers a sophisticated backlit banner display that surpasses the performance of traditional roller banners or fabric banners. These banners are the perfect choice for creating high-impact backdrops at events, in retail spaces, and during exhibitions.


LED Counter Displays offer a seamless experience when it comes to transportation, storage, assembly, and disassembly, thanks to their tool-less setup and user-friendly design. Choose to display artwork on both sides or select a single-sided lightbox exhibition counter to suit your preferences.

FABRILUX® Lightboxes are premium backlit displays that can be linked and configured to suit any shape and size exhibition space. Standing at an impressive 2.25m high, FABRILUX® not only puts your brand in the spotlight but also adds extra height and visibility; guaranteeing you stand out in any crowd!

PIZAZZ® Lightboxes offer the ideal solution for your event branding needs. These standalone LED Lightboxes are crafted for easy assembly, disassembly, storage, and transportation. Providing exceptional value, PIZAZZ® Lightboxes stand out as the most affordable and cost-effective LED lightboxes in the UK.

SKYBRIDGE® Exhibition Stands are the next generation of modular Lightbox displays and LED Lightbox ceilings. Combining freestanding LED Lightboxes and adding Illuminated arches, your next exhibition will light up your brand like never before. Immerse your visitors and surround them in light with SKYBRIDGE®.

Are Replacement Graphics Available For LED Lightboxes?

Our LED light boxes offer the flexibility of rebranding with replacement graphics. We handle the entire custom lightbox printing process in-house, from design and sewing to finishing. Using a dye-sublimation printing method, we produce striking, vibrant artwork with outstanding print quality and high-definition colors. This results in reusable graphics that maintain their brilliance.

Should you wish to refresh your branding or alter your marketing message, we provide replacement graphics that enable you to showcase your new visuals effortlessly. Replacement graphics offer a cost-effective solution for rebranding, as they can be seamlessly integrated with your existing hardware.

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Why Buy FABRILUX® LED Lightboxes


Delivered in a convenient protective travel case, ensuring effortless storage & transportation.


Hassle-free installation with number-coded frame pieces and a simple push-fit assembly.


Experience double the impact with our lightbox displays that showcase graphics on both sides!

Osram® LED Lights

Built-in OSRAM® LEDs for bright and diffused illumination that makes your designs stand out.

Plug & Play

Our user-friendly integrated LED lights make operating a breeze. Simply pop up, plug in, and play.

Modular Linking

Link a combination of FABRILUX® LED Lightboxes to create your perfect LED exhibition stand.

How To Assemble An LED Lightbox Exhibition Stand

Our LED Lightbox stands offer the convenience of tool-free assembly. They come with frame sections labeled with numbers, making them effortlessly connect with a simple push-fit mechanism. With pre-installed LED lights, there's no need for intricate wiring. Each LED lightbox functions via a straightforward plug-and-play system, making installation accessible for everyone.

Fabric lightboxes feature silicone edge graphics (SEG), where the polyester media around the fabric edges is equipped with a silicone strip. This strip, often referred to as a gasket or beading, neatly fits into specially designed channels within the frame. The advantage of silicone edge graphics lies in their snug fit, resulting in an ultra-smooth finish devoid of creases or wrinkles.

No tools or costly contractors are required, and assembling our LED Lightboxes can be completed in under 10 minutes.

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